Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Marchfeld

The Elector reviews his troops in preparation for the march on the capital of San Maurice. Here we see the cavalry element of the expedition, consisting of the Leib Curraissers, Leib Dragoons and Carpathian Hussars. These units have been in service for a number of decades and the Elector can't help noticing their uniforms are looking a little worn. Perhaps a little freshing up is in order. Dragoons always get the leftover horses when cavalry mounts are purchased. Some fear that the Lieb Dragoons mounted on Hinchliffe ponies might be at a disadvantage against the mighty Stadden steeds of the San Maurician cavalry. "Not so" says our cavalry brigadier general Seywhut. "Our Dragoon ponies are trained to slip beneath those overstuffed Stadden nags and bite them in the nether regions. That should swiftly decide any cavalry action in our favor. besides, no matter how powerful their horses are, the San Maurician cavalry are still San Maurician."

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  1. His Majesty de St. Maurice observes that a single viewing of A-H horse may well and truly been the origin for the term "dogs of war."