Friday, December 24, 2010

Ardoberg Enquirer - Gracious Dining section

The wolfman is once again active in the forests of southern Holstein. After several years without an attack the woodlands of that region are again a place of great danger for parties travelling through. Or at least for the slowest runner in each of those parties. When the attacks first took place a number of years ago an attempt to organize a party to hunt the creature down and destroy it were thwarted in court by the animal rights group PE?TA (Peasants Eaten? That's Alright).

Expert monster hunter Brother Murphy recently entered the forest with his cudgel for the purpose of converting the monster to Catholicism. but he hasn't been seen since, and the worst is feared. The Elector has dispatched the battalion of Carpathian Pandours to the region to deal with the threat, as they have experience in such matters. Opposition to this move by PE?TA ended abruptly when they were eaten by the monster on their way to meet with their lawyer.

The Bureau of Revenue by Any Means reminds our readers that, if you are a werewolf, you must obtain a license and pay the 25 thaler fee.


  1. A touch of 'Fantasy' in "our" alternate Lace Wars:I like that!
    Best wishes,

  2. A 25 thaler free to be a werewolf? How much if one is only a werefox?

    -- Jeff

  3. The werefox is only 20 Thalers plus a 10 Thaler surcharge for impersonating a larger mammal.