Friday, December 31, 2010

Ardoberg Enquirer Special Report - Te Deum

Church bells all across the Electorate are ringing to proclaim the great victory won yesterday at the battle of Treadgar Bridge. Our reporter is unclear about how the battle began as he arrived late to the field. One would think there would be a bridge somewhere in the vicinity of Treadgar Bridge, but there isn't one, so it's not my fault. Plus, the local peasantry thinks misdirecting travellers is funny. But, I digress.

The army of San Maurice was repelled in a closely fought action that featured brilliant tactical decisions on the part of the Elector Fredrich Wilhelm offset by the San Maurician King's dumb luck and the unstable aggression of the Dauphin of San Maurice, Timothy Rupert. His handling of the San Maurician cavalry and Household Infantry Brigade caused the Elector some momentary discomfort, but the situation was restored when our gallant British allies stood firm against the tide of wild horsemen. The British commander, Lord Muggles imagines himself the author of the victory but readers of the Enquirer know better.

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