Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The infantry of the expeditionary corps

The infantry of the expeditionary corps parades before the Elector before setting out for the frontier. Five regiments have been mobilized for the campaign (so far). They are, front row left to right, The Electoral Footguard, Ardoberg Grenadiers, Diefenbach, Pfalz Zweibrucken and Kurmainz. Back row left to right, Wiesbaden and Saarbrucken.

The Footguard were a gift 30 years ago from my friend/nemesis the King of San Maurice so, in his words, he would have "something worth shooting at". Diefenbach and Weisbaden are my two oldest regiments, raised in the mid 1970s. The first is named after my Grandfather, a Colonel in the German Army in WWI. He finished the war with a chest full of medals, numerous Great Wounds that little boys found impressive and an endless supply of war stories that left me confused about who won that war well into middle age.

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