Saturday, December 25, 2010

Holstein regiments leave for the frontier

Here we see two of our brave regiments preparing to join the main army on the frontier. They are, in fact, the Pfalz-Zweibrucken and Kurmainz regiments, both from Holstein. As you may recall from your school days, The principalities of Ardoberg and Holstein were joined together in 1673 when the Elector of Ardoberg won the Duchy of Holstein from the Holy Roman Emperor in a late night poker game. While there has always been some degree of friction between the dour, Lutheran Ardobergers and the more easy going Catholic Holsteiners, overall the merger has been a successful one. The Holstein infantry continue to wear their gray or white uniforms in contrast to the Ardoberg blue. One would think there would be some risk of battlefield confusion, as the San Maurician native born infantry wear white. The problem is fairly limited by the fact that the King of San Maurice recruits from Germany, Ireland, Scotland and anywhere else he can to avoid arming his own people as far as possible. All of these foreign regiments wear colors other than white.

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  1. Two brave-looking Holsteiner regiments, like the Cobert IR we already saw: looking forward to discover the Ardoberger contingents.