Friday, August 12, 2016

Peticus Autem A Fortuna

So, the Great Man is off to Britain on a punitive expedition. Padding his resume, more like! He’s away beating up on a gaggle of bare arsed  shepherds while I’m left behind with 3 legions to keep a lid on this nest of Gallic vipers. I should have been Governor and he should be marching around these cold, rainy forests instead of torturing the Plebeians with his gutter Latin exaggerations. Well, things are as they are, and the Belgic rebel Syntax will rue the day he crossed Peticus Autem A Fortuna!

And so it was that Peticus found himself staring across a hilly, forested field at the barbaric horde of Syntax of the Belgii. The Romans deployed Legio VII on their left, Legio VIII in the center and Legio IX on the right. The barbarians were arrayed with their warriors in the center and a large body of horse on either flank.

                                                       Initial Roman deployment
The broken terrain made it difficult for the Romans to keep their legions aligned, and a good part of Legio VII soon found itself surrounded and fighting for its life. They faced out in all directions and fought back manfully until at last the barbarian commanding in this part of the field decided to lead the charge to break them once and for all. He and his Companions rode their chargers into the midst of the desperate legionaries, and…….died.  The barbarians were taken aback by this turn of events and, just then the rest of Legio VII came up and immediately went into the attack. The barbarians on this wing broke and, aside from a few scattered bands, were swept from the field.

                                                    Legio VII awaits the word to advance 
                                      Advance elements of Legio VII attacked from all sides
                                                   Legio VII breaks the barbarian right
                                                        Barbarian right flees the field
On the Roman right Legio IX adopted a defensive posture to avoid their formation being broken up in the rough terrain. Their opponents did the same, being reluctant to meet the Romans on the level ground.

                                                      Legio IX on the right flank in a standoff

In the center the barbarian leader Syntax led his men in an all out frontal assault against Legio VIII, After desperate fighting , most of the Romans broke and ran, while remnants too proud to flee delayed the pursuit.

                            Peticus views the Barbarian onslaught in the center with concern
                       Syntax breaks the Roman Legio VIII in the center with a wild charge 
On the Roman left, the victorious Legio VII reformed and began marching toward the barbarian center. Seeing the crisis of the battle had arrived the Roman right and their barbarian opponents fell on each other. After a desperate struggle the Romans prevailed. Syntax, seeing both of his flanks  collapse, pressed his pursuit of the unlucky VIIIth and so left the stricken field, to fight again another day.
                                        After a confused melee Legio IX wins on the right

                               Legio VII reforms and moves to envelop the barbarian center



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