Monday, September 21, 2015

Late 17th Century Highwaymen

Just before Wargames Factory handed over marketing their figures to Warlord Games they had a big sale. One of the items I acquired was enough War of the Spanish Succession cavalry to build a regiment on the Charles Grant model. I was left with 8 extra horsemen, and painted them up for a skirmish game where the dashing road agent Willie Brennan and his sidekick Mick have to outsmart or outrun Colonel Farrell and his detachment of the local Yeomanry.
Here we see Willie and and Mick galloping across my desk with the Colonel in hot pursuit. The problem now is rules. Something that has the Colonel gathering info on Willie's next move while Our Hero engages carriages full of beutiful rich women, relieves them of their baubles (except those with sentimental value!) and leaves them charmed and with a great story to tell. Does anyone in this community know of such a rule set that they could recommend?

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