Saturday, September 24, 2011

Cavalry rebuilding project

When I set up my 18th Century Imaginations collection many years ago the vast majority of the figures were the newer Spencer Smith American War of Independence range for the infantry and the older Spencer Smith cavalry. The cavalry served me well for decades but they were somewhat smaller and of a different sculpting style than the rest of my figures and those of my opponent. Last year I decided to rebuild my cavalry with the new plastic figures offered by Perry and Wargames Factory. Perry was first out of the gate and their Napoleonic Curraissers with the heads traded out for Wargames factory tricornes provided two new curraisser regiments. Here is a picture of the new Hussar Regiment Covell that I finished painting last night.
The regiment was raised for the Elector's service by the Comte De Covell, the insanely jealous younger brother of he who styles himself the King of San Maurice. The Comte has been in exile in Ardoberg since a scandalous outburst at the family Joan of Arc Day dinner last year. The regiment is not yet quite ready for service since M. De Covell insists on giving all commands in Hungarian for the sake of authenticity, even though neither he nor his troopers understand that language.

A few days ago Wargames Factory released their much anticipated War of the Spanish Succession cavalry. I ordered enough to provide two regiments of dragoons for Ardoberg and one for our Anglo-Hanoverian allies. This will complete my cavalry rebuild. The Ardoberg-Holstein army will now have:
3 Curraisser regiments
3 Dragoon regiments
3 Hussar regiments
14 single battalion Infantry regiments
Our San Maurician nemisis has a somewhat larger army. Fortunately, our Hanoverian neighbors distrust the Francophone San Mauricians so an Anglo-Hanoverian corps of observation is always near at hand when war breaks out. Whether King George is the Electors employer or just a generous friend is debatable.


  1. According to His Majesty, the brash and willful count was adopted... - Mike

  2. ...and you did a nice job with the troops also. Of course, as a Covell regiment, I'm thinking they should be PINK (LOL). - Mike