Monday, May 16, 2011

Charter meeting of the SPCC

               Schwanstuppers brigade presses the San Maurician left
Ladies! Gentlemen! Come to order! Please take your seats and come to order! Welcome to the charter meeting of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Cavalry. As you know, our charter calls for an end to violence as it pertains to man's best friend, the noble horse. There has been no more egregious example of mindless brutality toward our four legged friends than the recent battle of Dettingen Bridge. On that occasion the hired thugs of the self styled 'king' of San Maurice brawled with our home grown gangsters under the command of our Elector Fredrich William.
I didn't vote for him! (this from the audience)
Settle down Hans. Now, Brothers and Sisters, if these costumed bullies want to shoot each other that's their business, but why must they force the noble horse to participate in their brutality?
                The Electoral Footguard pierce the enemy center
On this one occasion three entire regiments of the Electors horses suffered humiliation and physical harm. On the left flank the Lieb Curraisser regiment was entirely destroyed by the self loathing horses of the San Maurician Gensdarmes. Those same Gallic steeds then turned on the Lieb Dragoons with unrestrained fury born of false conciousness and chased them in terror from the field. Meanwhile, on the right flank the Ardozollern Curraissers managed to tangle their horses up in a farmer's hedge, doing serious damage to their equine self esteem.
               The San Mauricians withdraw, exhausted Ardobergers unable to pursue
When he was done abusing his innocent horses the Elector sent his infantry in to drive off the Cheese Eaters, leaving those of us who are more evolved to wonder why he didn't just do that to start with.  This concludes our agenda for this evening. Remember to get those petitions signed, and please feel free to join us for punch and cookies in the back.


  1. Always enjoyable and informative to have reports from both sides -the only way to somehow get an objective, unbiased point of view; and two eye-candy sets of pictures!

  2. If you knew us better you wouldn't believe either one of us.

  3. Don't worry. As it stands right now, if the Gendarmerie intend to make any additional forays into Ardoberg-Holsteinm it looks like they'll be doing it alone.