Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Foreign relations

Ardoberg-Holstein has been at daggers drawn with its neighbor to the west, San Maurice, for generations. The origins of this ongoing conflict are lost in the mists of time. Might it be the ape-like demeanor of the self styled 'King' of San Maurice? Perhaps, or it may be that the people of the Electorate are offended by the low standards of personal hygeine maintained by their cheese eating Gallic neighbors. The Great Elector Prince Fredrich Wilhelm summed it up best one night when he was out drinking with the Archbishop of Ardoberg: "Well, your Holiness, they just needed shootin."

The Army of Ardoberg-Holstein

The army of the Electorate consists of 11 regiments of Horse and 15 regiments of Foot. A British/Hanoverian Corps of Observation consisting of 3 regiments of Horse and 7 regiments of Foot can generally be found fighting by their side, and picking up the tab for the operation. All units are organized on the Charles Grant model.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Welcome to Ardoberg-Holstein

The Electorate of Ardoberg-Holstein is a principality in western Germany bordered on the west by the Gallic wasteland of San Maurice and on all other sides by a welter of insignificant German statelets. The economy is based on trade with Britain. Ardoberg-Holstein is blessed with great reserves of the secret ingredient in that staple of the British diet, Bubble & Squeak. Exports of this ingredient sustain the otherwise shakey economy.

The Electorate has been called an army with it's own state, albeit not a very good army. The Elector Fredrich Willhelm is able to maintain his oversized military with generous subsidies from his British allies. British armies campaigning in this area always include a large contingent from Ardoberg-Holstein. These campaigns are characterized by bickering between the British commander, Lord Muggles and the Elector over the exact status of the A-H contingent. Are they allies or employees? Who is in overall command, Lord Muggles or the Elector? The spectacle of the allied army shambling forward with its competing commanders issuing orders to each other is not a pretty sight. Military disaster would be assured if not for their equally incompetent opponents, the Army of San Maurice.